Toonsurfer's Challenge

If you have the ability and the desire to, feel free to create a web site like some of the existing sites I have made. Choose one of your favorite cartoons and find a web page making service: (,, ...etc.) There are tons of them. Find one that is right for you. Once you have chosen a service, make a cool, interesting site about the chosen cartoon that includes most of, if not all of the episodes for that cartoon. The easiest way to put episodes on your site is by embedding them from other sites. To do this, go to some video site, search for an episode of your chosen cartoon, and once you find it, click on it. As the video begins to play, look around the player and find the word "embed". Copy the html code next to the word "embed" and paste the code onto your site. Unless you plan to upload your own videos, skip the next paragraph and read on.

If you wish to upload your own video, simply upload it to one of the video hosting services listed below (I prefer because it allows you to upload longer videos.) If you upload your own videos, you will want to name all of the videos you upload absolute jibberish, along with random tags and descriptions. Example Title: "1aebrjhtbewrf." You will, however, want to personally be able to recognize which video is which so that you may easily embed them to your website. The video title "1aebrjhtbewrf" is a great title because not only does it register as jibberish but you can use the first character in the title: "1" to tell you that it is episode one. The purpose behind the jibberish names is so no one will be able to find your videos on the video hosting site, making it less probable that your video will be deleted. But, people will be able to easily access your videos and view them on your website. Yes its genious.  

 With most non- html web building sites like freewebs or tripod, you must click a certain button that says "insert custom html" in the sitebuilder in order for the html code to work. Note: Freewebs only allows you to have 20 pages with 10 paragraphs on each page, so if you use freewebs, use your space wisely. Just a helpful hint: I have found the following websites to be great for finding videos to embed: ( If you do this (create a website), and email it to me via the instructions found here (Click to view)then I will add a link to your website on the home page. I am trying to build a cartoon website empire but I cannot do it alone. Help me. Build a website.  Who is going to try?