Chatango Chat Rules

These rules apply to all chats on this site except the Mature Chat (click to view).

Mod = Moderator of the chat. Moderators can ban people from the chat and delete their posts.


1. All mods own you. They own your life. Follow the rules and befriend the mods and you will be a happy camper.

2. No Swearing. If an eighth grader doesn't know it, don't use it. If you're warned once to stop swearing and you don't stop, you will be banned.

3. No insults. If you have a problem with someone, talk about it in private. Arguments for fun are fine, but keep the language PG.

4. No spamming. Spam is not tolerated. You will be banned after one warning.

5. Posting links in the chat is fine as long as it leads to appropriate content. Do not spam the chat with links.

6. Do not ask any mod to unban you. You will be unbanned when the time is appropriate. If you ask, your ban time will be extended.

7. Don't be annoying. If a mod tells you you're being annoying and warns you to quit and you don't, you will likely be banned. Mod's are people. It is easy to piss them off. Mods will not always tell you when they ban you, so do not test them.

8.  Please avoid flag-banning other users. If another user is breaking rules or being annoying, please inform a mod. Flag banning can result in perma-banning, keeping the user from being able to access the ToonSurfer chat ever again. When this happens to multiple people, Toonsurfer gets complaints and feels compelled to make a new chat box so everyone will be allowed back on. Toonsurfer does not like to do this. This makes him mad. Very mad. Rawwwr! If there are no mods present when a noob starts breaking rules, try and get ahold of a mod, if possible. If this fails, just ignore the person or leave the chat for awhile. could simply bury your head in sand.


How to Become a Moderator


If you wish to become a mod, consider the following things:


Are you responsible? Are you mature? Would you be fair? DO THE EXISTING MODERATORS LIKE YOU? (Big one)


If none of the above qualities disqualify you, you may continue your mod request. To request "modlyness" (my made up word), please ask Shadow9781 (NOT TOONSURFER.) if a mod position is avaliable for you. If Shadow9781 believes you would make a capable and responsible mod, then Shadow9781 will contact me. If Shadow9781 believes you to be unworthy...well thats too bad. However, feel free to ask a different mod for reccomendation. Be aware though that pestering Shadow9781 about becoming a mod may result in a new enemy. If Shadow9781 approves you, Shadow9781 will contact Toonsurfer within one year. The likelyhood:

                      - of you having the listed quailites (responsible, mature,etc) = 10%

                      - of Shadow9781 not thinking of you as annoying = 5%

                      - of Shadow9781 recommending you to Toonsurfer = 5%

                      - of Toonsurfer granting you modlyness at Shadow9781's request = 75%


*Note*- Becoming a mod largely depends on your personality and the way you act. However, the current number of visitors to the site and the amount of mods already existing may contribute to whether or not you acquire modlyness as well.




Mod Rules (Rules for Mods)


1. All Chatango Chat rules apply to mods as well as the normal users.

2. Do not delete or ban users out of spite or anger.

3. Do not delete or ban a user for no reason at all.

4. Set an example for other users. Be mature.

5. Do not unban any user on the ban list unless one of the following applies:

                               1) You were the one who banned them.

                               2) You acquire permission to unban a user from the one who banned them in the first place.

                               3) You are Toonsurfer....but you are not. -_-

6. Before banning a user, give them a few warnings. If the inappropriate behavior continues, then proceed to ban the user.

7. Never ban a user unless:

                               1) They break the rules.

                               2) You have already given them a few warnings. (This can mean 1 warning.)

                               3) You can clearly recite your reason for banning the person to anyone who asks.

*Note: rule 7 does not apply to ash.*

8. If you are a mod and you dislike a fellow mod and believe he/she is unworthy of their mod status, post about it in the mod forum and we'll discuss it.


If a user annoys/insults you through private messaging, ban them from your private messaging but do not let that prevoke you to ban them from the Ts chat.                                   

*Failure to comply with these rules may result in the temporary or permanent removal of your mod status.*

*None of these rules apply to "Toonsurfer" beware!*

How to Report Abusive Mods

If you feel that you have been wronged in some way by a moderator or have seen a moderator break any given rule, please report zat mod to a mod you trust (NOT TOONSURFER). Tell the mod what happened and why you feel it was inappropriate. The mod will then proceed to get the accused mod's side of the story and decide whether or not the incident is of enough importance to report to Toonsurfer. If you report directly to Toonsurfer, it is quite likely that he will ignore you. He...or should I say "I" am not lazy...I just have enough things to do as it is and cannot thwart all my precious time on chat quarrels. Do not report miniscule incidents. You wouldn't want to "annoy" the mods.

*If you report "Toonsurfer", then you're an idiot.*

How to Report Broken Videos

If you find a broken video on a page made by "Toonsurfer" or Darksaviour", report the broken video in the forum (click to view.)

If you find a broken video on a page made by someone else, check the home page for the website creator and their email address so that you may contact them. If there is no email address, tough luck. :|

How to Submit Your Website

If you would like me to add your website to the list on the Cartoon/Anime Links page, please send a friendly,  formal email to If your website has absolutely nothing to do with tv, anime, or cartoons, please do not bother submitting your site. If your website contains full episodes of tv shows or animes, It will be added to this category: "THE TOONS (Sites Made by/updated by Other People)." If your site is simply a fansite or something of that sort, it will be added to this category: "Fansites & Other Stuff." Please note that I may reject your site for any reason I please and no amount of whining or complaining will get me to change my mind. If your site is added, please be sure to link back to my site.

Your website will not even be considered if the email you send to me lacks:

-The url of your website

-Your Nickname (Will be added to the home page list along with your url)

- A business email address at which you can be contacted by people who report broken videos or have questions.

- A brief description of your website.