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Static Shock Episodes (Click to Watch)

Season 1

Episode 1- Shock to the System

Episode 2- Aftershock

Episode 3- The Breed

Episode 4- Grounded

Episode 5-  They're Playing My Song

Episode 6- The New Kid

Episode 7- Child's Play

Episode 8- Sons of the Fathers

Episode 9- Winds of Change

Episode 10- Bent Out of Shape

Episode 11- Junior

Episode 12- Replay

Episode 13- Tantrum


Season 2

Episode 14- The Big Leagues

Episode 15- Power Play

Episode 16- Brother-Sister Act

Episode 17- Static Shaq

Episode 18- Frozen Out

Episode 19- Sunspots

Episode 20- Pop's Girlfriend

Episode 21- Bad Stretch

Episode 22- Attack of the Living Brain Puppets

Episode 23- Duped

Episode 24- Jimmy


Season 3

Episode 25- Hard as Nails

Episode 26- Gear

Episode 27- Static in Africa

Episode 28- Shebang

Episode 29- The Usual Suspect

Episode 30- A League of Their Own (1)

Episode 31- A League of Their Own (2)

Episode 32- Showtime

Episode 33- Consequences

Episode 34- Romeo in the Mix

Episode 35- Trouble Squared

Episode 36- Toys in the Hood

Episode 37- The Parent Trap

Episode 38- Flashback

Episode 39- Blast from the Past


Season 4

Episode 40- Future Shock

Episode 41- She-Back!

Episode 42- Out of Africa

Episode 43- Fallen Hero

Episode 44- Army of Darkness

Episode 45- No Man's an Island

Episode 46- Hoop Squad

Episode 47- Now You See Him ...

Episode 48- Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Episode 49- Linked

Episode 50- Wet and Wild

Episode 51- Kidnapped

Episode 52- Power Outage


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