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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Episodes (Click to View)


Season 1

Episode 1- Falling in Love

Episode 2- You Are My Everything

Episode 3- I Feel Sick

Episode 4- Caught

Episode 5- What Have You Done to Me?

Episode 6- Love For Sale

Episode 7- Absent

Episode 8- Your Cheatin' Heart

Episode 9- Slice of Life

Episode 10- Back to School Special

Episode 11- Just Say No

Episode 12- The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager

Episode 13- Baked Nevada

Episode 14- The Father and the Son

Episode 15- That's Enough of That

Episode 16- Chocolate Cake

Episode 17- Unforgiven

Episode 18- Making Up Is Hard to Do

Episode 19- Money For Nothing, Chicks For Free

Episode 20- Maybe Baby

Episode 21- Whoomp! (There It Is)

Episode 22- One Night at Band Camp

Episode 23-  And Unto Us, a Child Is Born


Season 2

Episode 1- The Big One

Episode 2- What's Done Is Done

Episode 3- Par for the Course

Episode 4- Ciao

Episode 5- Born Free

Episode 6- The Summer of Our Discontent

Episode 7- Summertime

Episode 8- A New Kind of Green

Episode 9- Hot Nuts






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