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Avatar the Last Airbender Episodes (Click to Watch)

Book I. Water

Chapter 1. The Boy in the Iceberg & Chapter 2. The Avatar Returns

Chapter 3. The Southern Air Temple

Chapter 4. The Warriors of Kyoshi

Chapter 5. The King of Omashu

Chapter 6. Imprisoned

Chapter 7. The Spirit World (Winter Solstice (1)

Chapter 8. Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice (2)

Chapter 9. The Waterbending Scroll

Chapter 10. Jet

Chapter 11. The Great Divide

Chapter 12. The Storm

Chapter 13. The Blue Spirit

Chapter 14. The Fortuneteller

Chapter 15. Bato of the Water Tribe

Chapter 16. The Deserter

Chapter 17. The Northern Air Temple

Chapter 18. The Waterbending Master

Chapters 19 and 20: The Siege of the North (Parts 1 and 2)


Book II. Earth

Chapter 1. The Avatar State

Chapter 2. The Cave of Two Lovers

Chapter 3. Return to Omashu

Chapter 4. The Swamp

Chapter 5. Avatar Day

Chapter 6. The Blind Bandit

Chapter 7. Zuko Alone

Chapter 8. The Chase

Chapter 9. Bitter Work

Chapter 10. The Library

Chapter 11. The Desert

Chapter 12. The Serpent's Pass

Chapter 13. The Drill

Chapter 14. City of Walls and Secrets

Chapter 15. The Tales of Ba Sing Se

Chapter 16. Appa's Lost Days

Chapter 17. Lake Laogai

Chapter 18. The Earth King

Chapter 19: The Guru & Chapter 20: The Crossroads of Destiny


Book III. Fire

Chapter 1. The Awakening

Chapter 2. The Headband

Chapter 3. The Painted Lady

Chapter 4. Sokka's Master

Chapter 5. The Beach

Chapter 6. The Avatar and the Firelord

Chapter 7. The Runaway

Chapter 8. The Puppetmaster

Chapter 9. Nightmares and Daydreams

Chapter 10 & Chapter 11. The Day of Black Sun: The Invasion & The Eclipse

Chapter 12. The Western Air Temple

Chapter 13. The Firebending Masters

Chapter 14. The Boiling Rock (1)

Chapter 15. The Boiling Rock (2)

Chapter 16. The Southern Raiders

Chapter 17. The Ember Island Players

Chapters 18-21. Sozin's Comet Parts 1-4: The Phoenix King, The Old Masters, Into the Inferno, Avatar Aang


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